Fortester 500

FORTESTER 500 is the moisture tester in continuous which installation can be made on big baler and square bale machines.

The instrument can check every second the moisture of the material to press, so you will consistently informed during the work and the device protects you against lost quality caused to the wet material.
The sensor will be assembled in the side wall of the pressing camera, it’s equipped with adjustable set point and power feed is with the tractor battery and it has a LCD graphic back-light display and the calibration is automatic.

It’s composed of display unit, assembling staff, sensor, power feed cable l.3m with fuse, sensor cable l.7m, assembling hardware.

750.00 (vat excl.)

Technical features

Humidity range:
10% to 100% depending on the tip of the round baler in use

Accurate precision for the whole range of stored hay

Display resolution:

backlit for viewing night


Direct reading in “%” moisture content for each type of round and square bale

Programmable humidity limit by user indicator with audible alert

Reading of the updated media and displayed every second

Possibility of calibration and customization of various products

Complete with all accessories and ready for quick installation

Made in Italy