Grain computer Plus

GRAIN COMPUTER PLUS is the electronic tester for the moisture measurement and specific weight of the cereals completely automatic and able to make measures on whole cereals in only 15 seconds; it’s necessary for all the users of the cereals range who wants rapid and reliable measurements complete of print of all data.

Not necessary to mill or weight the sample, the user has only to pour it into the load hopper and press the “MEASURE” button: the instrument loads the inside measure cell with a constant volume sample and in real time on the display appears a graphic animation.

At the end of the measure operations, unloads the grain in the drawer, so the display shows information about: moisture, temperature, specific weight, data and progressive number of measures. Moreover, if the automatic printer function is working, it can print a programmed number of tickets.

4,800.00 (vat excl.)

Technical features

fitting 12 Vdc, or battery 12 V Pb

320x240 dots graphic CFC

with impact 24 columns and common paper

Moisture measures:
with a constant dielectric system, 5 ÷ 38%

Temperature measures:
sensor NTC of 0 ÷ 100°C ± 0.5%

Specific gravity meter:
load cell max. 500 g

Cereals in memory:

italian, english, german, french

0.2 g


High precision and reliability

Simple to use

An integrated printer

Automatic measurement operations

No servicing

Possibility to insert new cereals in an easy and rapid way

Self-test function for checking on-board functions

30 fully programmable and renameable cereal memories

Made in Italy