TERMOGRAIN is the manual instrument used to measure the temperature of heaped or stored cereals placed where it’s not possible install the typical fixed probes.

The probe has two elements which are formed of:
Terminal probe (L.1 mt) with aluminum tip and measurement sensor at the end;
The instrument for measure with a practical handle and the connection terminal.
In option it’s possible insert different and unit elements thanks to the threaded clutch, in order to reach the necessary measure (max 5 mt)
It’s supplied with a practical box.

The variant with an extra 1 m modular probe is available. (select Termograin with 1m probe)

430.00500.00 (vat excl.)

Technical features

Range of use:
- 10° C...+ 121° C

0,1° C

LCD 16x2

9 V battery (with the signal when the battery is low)

digital LM 335

Switching off:
manual/automatic after 3 minutes

Dimensions of the meter:

Dimensions of the probe:
L.1 mt (customizable, max 5 m)


Showing of degrees centigrade/fahrenheit

To set the temperature alarm from – 10° C to + 121° C

The temperature alarm mode can be higher or lower than the setting alarm

To set the temperature alarm break (from 0 to 255 seconds)

Possibility to memorize until 99 measures in a progressive order

Showing of the min, max and average of temperature in memory

Made in Italy