The agricultural sector represents fertile ground for technological innovation. New forms of land management, new methods and new techniques bring the sector to an increasingly competitive level.

Discover all our devices at the service of the agricultural sector: from the Fortester line to portable moisture testers, Grain Check, Grain Tester Plus and Grain Tester Plus P.S.

Isoelectric produces:
  • Equipment for measuring the humidity and temperature of forage and hay
  • Humidity, temperature and specific weight meters for cereals



The agri-food sector, which includes the primary sector and the agri-food industry, represents more than 4% of the GDP in Italy.
If we include the entire national food chain with related industries, the sector exceeds 10% of GDP.

Isoelectric produces:
    • Equipment for measuring moisture, protein and specific weight of cereal grains
    • Testers for measuring forage moisture and temperature
    • Continuous weighing systems
    • Equipment for silos and warehouses
    • Manual samples
    • Instrument for measurement of cereals impurities

Discover our meters at the service of the agri-food sector.



The wood sector represents for Italy an area with a long tradition and ancient origins.
It’s characterized by the presence in Italy of over 43,000 companies, which employ almost 100,000 workers, with a significant impact on GDP.

Our meters at the service of the wood sector allow the measurement of humidity to find the exact degree of drying during the purchase/sale and processing phase.