M 20 Plus

M 20 PLUS is the instrument used to measure the moisture of every kind of wood and derivates or building materials in a precise and rapid way.
The right determination of the moisture wood is most important for the drying the buying/selling or for the different operations of working.

This tester has been provided of the principle of conductivity measure which works according to the water contents in the materials, in order to guarantee the max security and the precision in every working condition.

M 20 Plus is small, handle and it can be transported easily everywhere with ist fitting in a practical and shock-resistant suitcase.

450.00 (vat excl.)

Technical features

Measure range:
5 ÷ 75% ± 0.5%

Wood sets:

230 gr

145X85X35 mm

alphanumeric LCD 16x2

9 V

Compensator of temp.:
0 - 110 °C


Measurements with 4 sets of wood and tables with tens wood kinds

Memorize until 50 measures

Average function of the measures in memory

Min/max reading of the measures in memory

Automatic/manual compensator of temperature

HOLD function for the measure

It’s not necessary any calibration

There is big hammer for the measures in depth