Maturity Meter 200 table

MATURITY METER 200 iis the electronic digital hardness meter test-stand used to measure the hardness of every kind of product.

The device permits to make precise measures thanks to the test stand and it’s simple and precise to use; in fact it’s sufficient select the suitable scale according to the kind of product and choose between two scales: from 0-1.500 g (+/- 10 g) and from 0-15 kg (+/-100g), press the tester in a progressive way, so it can penetrate until to see the indication notch on the point.
The device visualize on the display the hardness of penetration indicated in gramme/kilograms (according to the scale).
The great particularity of this instrument is the possibility to use it in compression and also in extension way.

It’s possible memorize until 50 measurements, the min/max and the average of all the measures in memory.

640.00 (vat excl.)

Technical features

Use range:
0 - 15 Kg

1 digit

alphanumeric LCD 16 X 2

Power supply:
9 V battery

F.S. 20 Kg cell of load with protection untli 30 Kg

Power off:
automatic after 3 minutes.

Dimensions of the meter:

italian, english, german, french


Showing of the min/max hardness and the average of the measures in memory

Instantaneous measurement for the weight of every single product

To zero the tare

Software for the transmission of data in PC (option)

Possibility to memorize until 50 measures with progressive number and the capacity to see all of them again

Made in Italy